Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rescuing infant kittens

One thing on my mind today is the rescuing of kittens appearing to be without a Mom. On one evening last week while checking to see if the outside light s at our shelter were working, I noticed a plastic container on one of the outside benches. Then I heard the mews of kittens. The kittens had been left outside without a cover to fend for themselves for the entire night till workers would show up next a.m. Of course I took them home, got them a warm place and ran out to Walmart for liquid milk replacer and bottles. The kittens did not like the nipple and it was a struggle to get them to eat at all. Most of these four will not survive even with our efforts to save them. The BEST THING to do if you find kittens is to leave them where they are( if it is a safe place) and watch them to protect them but wait to see if the mother cat returns before taking them away. You are doing them no favor really by "rescuing" them if their mother is near. (90 % of rescued kittens do not survive. They need the warmth and milk that only the mother can provide. Sadly I will probably be informed this morning that one or more of them did not survive the night. SLH

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