Monday, September 29, 2008

Jewels says "Thank You"

Today Jewels played with a litter of 8 week old kittens in the lobby of the shelter. She was very gentle with them, realizing they were babies, we think. Wanting to play is a very good sign that she has forgiven the incident and wants to start anew. She really has begun protecting the office at the shelter as if it is her territory. This may not be so good as 65 other dogs live there too!!!
She is definately feeling better and her head injuries are almost completely healed. When visitors are in the shleter office/lobby she goes around to each for a scratch under the chin.

Jewels says a big "thank you to all who have expressed concern for her and have prayed that she might recover to live with trust of humans again. The cheeseburgers are good too!" She may have to buy some stock in McDonalds. Ha!

Please consider adopting a shelter dog or cat. They are all so hopeful for a new forever home. Check all our dogs and cats on link petfinder.

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