Thursday, September 18, 2008

News Story

Yesterday's Wapakoneta Daily News and St Marys Evening Leader ran the story about Adam Heckman who was sentenced to 180 days in jail for beating Jewels with a baseball bat. It was clearly not a story about Jewels, and really was an incomplete story about the entire situation. Thus we are so glad that we ran our paid advertisements concerning this dog. Her story would have never been published if we relied on the press. Also please note that their efforts to contact us consisted of an early morning (8:03a.m.) to Sandra Harrison's home phone with no message left to return the call, and to a call to the shelter at 8:o2(a.m.) with again no message left for a return call to them. Seems that the paper did not really want to get our comment on the story, but made the attempt sound that the Humane Society did not comment.

We are hopeful that the sentence of 180 days in jail for Adam Heckman will hold and that probation will not lessen that time.

Jewels continues to improve. She had many visitors and well wishes called in to her yesterday at the shelter. We are moving her out of the office area and into a boarding area to the front of the building as she has all of a sudden developed an interest in getting outside, and the doors at the shelter open many times a day. She can be visited anytime in her new location. She really loves attention and seems to be very trusting.

Thanks to all who have prayed for her and wished her well. Thanks to all the people who left comments on her behalf on the blog, and even to those who chose to be negative in some way. Our comment to the negs is "do not criticize until you have walked a mile in our moccasins."

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Foxeni said...

I just read the story about Jewels. How a human can be so cruel to an animal I will never understand. Actually, I wouldn't even consider the b@$tard that beat him human. He is less than subhuman. It makes me sick to think there are people like that that walk this earth. I am SO glad Jewels is doing better. I am usually up in the area on the weekends so if I can make it there before you close, I will bring him some cheeseburgers. :)