Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jewels update

Today we have good news. Jewels seems to be improving daily. Her head wounds are still evident and not healed at all yet, but she is walking without the previous stagger and is holding her head more upright. The "light" is seeming to come back into her eyes. Her general condition when arriving, despite her massive injuries, was not good. She had much hair missing all over her body and the hair that was there was had no sheen as a Dob should have. She may have an underlying condition which we may have to addreess later after she has recovered from the trauma.
In order to get her to eat and take her medicine, which we hid in her food, we gave her a cheeseburger on the second day. She now will only eat cheeseburgers!! People have been bringing her cheeseburgers daily. At first she ate bread and all, now she picks through the bread and gets to the good stuff. She has a big dog bed pillow in our shelter office where she spends her time. Jewels is sad looking, but we did hear her bark briefly at someone yesterday which is a good sign. A kind lady brought her a beautiful new collor and leash and some treats yesterday as well as pizza for all the workers! How nice!
Keep her in your thoughts, but the physical crisis seems to be passed. We are smiling again at our shelter.
P.S. Adam Heckman received 180 days in jail yesterday at Court for animal abuse. Not sure if any of this time will actually be served.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'm hoping to get in there today to visit her. She is a gem. This blog was the first thing I checked when I woke up this morning. I'll be passing this update on to all the animal lovers in my address book. Thanks Auglaize County Humane Society. You all are a class act.

practicepatience said...

Mr. Heckman is currently incarcerated at the Auglaize County Correctional Center. He was ordered to serve 180 days in jail (maximum allowed by LAW) and is currently incarcerated for these charges. The sentencing order states that work release and probation to be considered upon a receipt of a mental health evaluation & substance abuse evaluation. Part of his probation (if granted) will also include an restitution. We can all learn alot about substance abuse and mental health conditions with this horrid act as well. Prayers to Jewells and all the other mistreated animals in this world

heartfelt said...

I am horrified about this poor Jewels. Why is there no justice for animals?? They are loving and have feelings like any other living thing. I think every animal lover should be able to take a swing at this creature with a baseball bat and let him see how it feels. If the girlfriend knew this guy was violent and she loved her dog, why didn't she take the dog with her along with the kids? Now this poor dog is suffering because of her stupidity. The problem is that NOTHING will happen to this insect and that is as cruel as what he did to Jewels. The laws stink and they do not protect the innocent; human nor animal. Why?? Linda Snyder

penni said...

Sylvia Severt St Marys Ohio feels horrible about her husband Dale dumping their dog in the country.She told him to take the dog to the pound.She cried in my arms.Sylvia Severt is not a mean person. Penni C